Frequently Asked Questions


What does an average cruise cost?
An average 3 hour cruise with basic catering (i.e. finger food) for up to 50 guests will generally cost around $4,500. Cruising time, guest numbers, catering requests, staffing requirements and pick-up & drop-off locations will all impact cruise cost.

What is included in my cruise?
Your basic cruise includes:

  • charter of the vessel
  • collection and return of guests from your nominated wharves
  • all boat crew required (Captain, bar staff and deck hands)
  • use of onboard audio/visual equipment (televisions, sound system, public address system)
  • use of onboard Crowd DJ Jukebox and/or Spotify playlist
  • specific catering* (*if included in quotation)

What is not included in the quoted price?
Any damage caused to the vessel by you or your guests and any decorations you require for your event. Please Note: We may ask for a bond to be paid prior to some events e.g.18th & 21st birthdays. If damages or destruction of property is incurred, any related expenses will charged to the booking credit card (inclusive of credit card fees) or be taken from a bond, if in place.

How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?
Generally we ask for a $500 deposit at the time of booking to secure your cruise date and time. The balance of your cruise cost is required within one (1) month of cruising. Full payment of your cruise may also be paid up front at the time of booking, if desired. Simply call us on 1800 466 622 or email to book.

What if I’m unsure of the number of guests attending when I book?
That’s not a problem as final numbers can be provided up to 7 days prior to the cruise so that we can ensure the appropriate number of crew are assigned to your cruise. Please Note: An extra deckhand charge will apply for groups above 50 passengers.

What if extra people turn up on the day?
In most cases, we may be able to accommodate, however, our vessel is licensed for a maximum of 77 persons (including crew, entertainers, waitstaff) on the Brisbane River, so guests are capped at a maximum of 70-passengers.

Can I get a refund?
Brisbane Party Cruises has a strict Refund Policy where no refunds will be issued on Deposits made. Balances will only be refunded if your cruise is cancelled more than to 30 days prior to your booked cruise date, less any catering or wharf expenses already incurred by Brisbane Party Cruises. If your cruise is cancelled within 30 days of your cruise date, all monies are retained by Brisbane Party Cruises, however we will give you the option of rescheduling your cruise(to occur within the next 6 months). An additional administration charge will apply in this instance. Please refer to our fullTerms and Conditions upon booking.

Can we view the vessel in person?
This can certainly be arranged. If you’d like to view the MV Island Princess please enquire at booking. Inspections are by appointment only and subject to availability at Rivergate Marina, 7 Rivergate Drive Murarrie. Parking is available nearby.

How many crew are onboard?
Crew numbers will be dependent on the number of passengers and the specific requirements of your cruise event. At a minimum, a Captain, Deckhand and Bar staff are required. If BBQing, food service, entertainment and larger passenger numbers are involved, additional crew will be required and included in your cruise quotation.

Can we supply our own staff?
Only MV Island Princess crew are permitted to work on the vessel. Under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) rules, all staff on board the vessel must undergo formal qualifications in First Aid, Food Safety and Vessel Safety, along with a comprehensive vessel specific induction.

Can we decorate the vessel?
Yes you may decorate or theme your event, however the Island Princess has superb night lighting and a great ambience already! Please view the range of images on our photo gallery. Any decorating or theming of your event may be subject to the available time and vessel access between cruise bookings on the day. Please discuss with us when booking, as additional charges may apply.

Note: Strictly no paint, glitter, or anything which may cause cosmetic damage to the vessel or require deep cleaning of the carpet. All decorations must be easily installed and removed by the booking customer immediately before and after the cruise.

What methods of payment do you accept on board?
We accept cash or credit card.

Are we able to extend our cruise on the day?
In some instances this may be possible. It will depend on our cruise schedule for that day and whether other cruises will be impacted or not. Please ask and we will do our best to accommodate. Please Note: Charges will apply to cover additional charter and crew costs and must be settled via cash/credit card during the cruise.

What wharves do you operate from?
We operate from any suitable public wharf or pontoon on the Brisbane River. Some of our most popular “free” wharves are: Northshore Hamilton (Close to the City Cat Terminal) and Murarrie Recreation Hub (near Brew Dog Brewery) Some of our “costed” wharves (approx. $600) are: City Botanical Gardens River Hub, New Farm Park River Hub (Near Powerhouse Museum), Howard Smith Wharfs (Felons Brewery),and Mowbray Park (East Brisbane – 75m level walk from the City Cat terminal).

Why do some wharves cost extra to use?
There is an additional charge applied to using the 'inner city' wharves due to the cost of travel and crew required to reach these wharves (approx. 1.5 hours each way).

Where do we cruise to?
Generally we stay in the Brisbane River, taking in all of the sites our city has to offer as we cruise up and down the river. Cruising locations will depend on the amount of cruise time available and the weather and river conditions.

Are departure times strictly adhered to?
Yes. As many city (costed) wharves are time managed with allocated pick up and drop off times, there is minimal spare time for delays. If attending a “free” public wharf there may be more flexibility, as they operate on a “first in, first served” basis, so if we arrive to find another vessel docked and collecting passengers, we may need to hold for a little while until they depart.

What if our guests are running late?
If there is no other vessel waiting or scheduled to use the wharf, we may (but not guaranteed) be able to wait at the wharf for a little while for the late guests (although your cruise time will have started). Unfortunately, should there be other vessels waiting or booked for the wharf, we must minimise the time spent at the wharf and vacate quickly. (Note: It may be possible for late guests to go to another wharf location along the river in order to board the vessel, however this will shorten your cruising time and may incur additional costs.)


Can we BYO alcohol?
No. We operate a fully licensed bar on board and offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at affordable prices. Generally we charge $12 for basic beers, ciders, wines and spirits, and top shelf items and cocktails range from
$15 to $24.

Do you serve alcohol to minors (under 18 years old)?
No. Our vessel is a fully licensed venue and heavy penalties apply (including fines, prosecution and potentially the loss of our liquor licence) if minors are served alcohol. Please note: A valid photo ID (driver's licence, passport, proof of age card etc.) will be required and wrist band issued in the event of necessary age verification.

Do you include catering in the price?
No, all catering will incur an additional cost to your cruise. We offer basic catering (i.e. finger food/hot nibbles) for a small charge per head (approx. $5 per person) or more elaborate catering to suit your event requirements (price subject
to catering request). Please discuss with us when booking.

Can we purchase catering through Brisbane Party Cruises?
Yes, we offer a range of catering options from canape-style nibbles through to platters and more substantial meals. We source our catering from a number of suppliers and will endeavour to suit your requests as best we can. Please discuss with us when booking.

Can we BYO food and ‘self-cater”?
Yes, we do allow BYO and permit self-catering, however, an additional service charge of approx.. $300 will apply.
Please Note: If you choose to BYO and self-cater you will need to also provide your own plates, cutlery and serviettes. We do not provide any refrigeration for self-catering. It is your responsibility to ensure any food brought on board is safe for your guests' consumption. We accept no responsibility for any illness associated with the consumption of any self-catering.

Are the cruise costs the same for Hens and a Bucks Parties?
We offer special rates for smaller groups such as Buck’s and Hen’s parties. Call us on 1800 466 622 and ask for the Bucks & Hens deals.
Please note: If any “Entertainers” are attending, please notify us when booking to discuss.

What if it rains?”
We do not cancel cruises due to rain. The MV Island Princess is a weatherproof vessel and can accommodate passengers in the event of inclement weather. If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued by the Bureau of Meteorology AND the storms trajectory is likely to severely impact our cruise, the Captain (at his/her discretion) may choose to either, moor the vessel alongside a wharf during the storm and close off external decks, delay the departure time of the cruise by up to two hours or cancel the cruise altogether. Should we need to cancel a cruise due to severe weather you will receive a 6 month cruise extension in order to rebook your cruise. (Re-bookings subject to available cruise dates.)

What if it floods or there is a Port/River Closure?:
In the event your cruise is cancelled due to Port/River Closure (often due to flooding and excessive debris in the river), you will receive a 6 month extension to rebook your cruise. (Re-bookings subject to available dates.)


Will I get sea-sick?
Our vessel is very stable and not prone to rocking and rolling like some other vessels on the river. If you are concerned or suffer from sea sickness, we suggest taking some over the counter motion sickness tablets a few hours prior to your cruise.

What clothing can I wear? (Are high heels ok?)
Generally most attire is fine and you can dress according to your cruise event, however, we strongly suggest you be mindful of footwear and skirts, as there is a steep ladder between the lower and upper decks which you'll need to negotiate if wanting to access both levels of the vessel.

What if someone gets injured or is sick?
Members of our crew are trained to respond and assist where necessary. If an incident or circumstance requires a passenger to disembark the vessel, the Captain will be notified and will determine the most appropriate wharf for the passenger to disembark.

How fast does the vessel go?
The MV Island Princess can cruise comfortably at 4-6 knots (about 12kph). The vessel is capable of a maximum 14-16 knots.

How many decks/levels are there?
There are two passenger levels referred to as the Lower and Upper decks. The Upper deck is only accessed by steep boat stairs (hence pants are advisable over short skirts). The Lower (main) deck features the Galley, two uni-sex toilets and washrooms, a shower, bar, smoking area and boarding deck. The Upper deck features the Wheelhouse, a large internal (covered) lounge area and an external sundeck (uncovered) lounge area suitable for up to 20 passengers.

Is there a dancefloor?
Yes, the Lower deck is often used as a great dancing location given its wider floor space.

What type of engine does the vessel have?
A Caterpillar 3406 Marine Diesel engine and an Onan Generator.

Is the vessel safe and stable?
The MV Island Princess is very safe and stable and complies fully with all national regulations under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

How many passengers can you carry?
We can carry up to 70 passengers and 7 crew, making the total carrying capacity of 77 people.

How many toilets are there?
There are two uni-sex toilets onboard for guests to use and these are both located on the Lower (main) deck.
Please Note: The toilets are not wheelchair accessible and would require a carer to assist. Our friendly crew will do everything they can to assist you in any way possible.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?
The main entry gates on the side of our vessel can accommodate a wheelchair up to 800mm in width. The Lower (main) deck area is the only area which can accommodate a wheelchair as it is more spacious and level. Unfortunately, not all wharves along the Brisbane River are wheelchair accessible, so assistance may be required from a carer.

Can we stay overnight on the vessel?
Unfortunately no, as the vessel is not licensed for overnight accommodation for guests.

Can I drive the boat?
Unfortunately no, as this would be a violation of our insurance requirements.


What do you do if an individual is intoxicated/disruptive?
We want everyone to have a great time, but under Australian law the Captain has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety at all times of all passengers onboard. Should a person present as intoxicated and/or disruptive, the following will

  • Level 1: Verbal warning and service of alcohol ceased
    The person will be provided with a verbal warning and will not be served any alcohol and the cruise organiser advised. Soft drinks and food (where available) will be offered to the person and our crew will monitor them closely. Note: Should other people attempt to circumvent these measures by ordering and supplying alcohol to the person, the bar will be closed for the remainder of the cruise for all passengers.
  • Level 2: Second verbal warning and cruise organiser notified
    If necessary, a second verbal warning will be given and the cruise organiser advised again. The person will again be advised that any further offending will result in their immediate removal from the vessel at the nearest available wharf, and that the Queensland Police Service may be called.
  • Level 3: Docking and disembarkation of intoxicated/disruptive person
    Any further non-compliance will result in the vessel docking at the nearest available wharf where the offending person will be required to disembark the vessel. The cruise organiser will be responsible for any berthing fees associated with the use of the nearest available wharf. Should the crew have concerns for the safety of the person, the Queensland Police Service may be advised and may meet the vessel at the wharf.

What if our entire party of guests misbehave and are unruly?
We want everyone to have a great time, but under federal Australian law the Captain has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety at all times of all passengers onboard. Should an individual person or group of people present as intoxicated and/or disruptive, the following will we apply:

  • Level 1: PA Warning
    Should any passengers behave in a manner that is unruly or a danger to themselves or others, the Captain will stop the music and use the vessel’s public address system (PA) to instruct people to behave and comply with the safety rules.
  • Level 2: Official PA Warning
    Should passengers continue to behave in a manner that is unruly or a danger to themselves or others, the Captain will again stop the music and use the vessel’s PA to instruct people to behave and comply with the safety rules. The Captain will advise over the PA that this is an “Official Warning” and request the cruise organiser to visit the Wheelhouse. The Captain will explain their reasoning to the cruise organiser and advise that should issues continue, the bar will be closed.
  • Level 3: Alcohol service ceased and “Final Warning” issued
    Continued non-compliance will result in the ceasing of all alcohol being served, closure of the bar and a final warning issued over the PA system stating that any further misbehaviour will result in the immediate termination of the cruise. The cruise organiser will be briefed again on the Captain’s reasoning.
  • Level 4: Cruise terminated and all passengers will be disembarked at the closest wharf
    Continued non-compliance will result in all passengers being mustered to the Lower deck, house lights turned on and music stopped. The vessel will moor at the nearest available wharf, where all passengers will be required to disembark.

If the Captain terminates the cruise due to passenger behaviour, will we get a refund?
No refunds will be provided should your cruise be terminated due to poor passenger behaviour. Additional charges will apply if cleaning of the vessel is required due to poor passenger behaviour (e.g. vomiting occurrences, misuse of food and drink, inappropriate toileting or misuse of toilets). Your credit card will be charged for any additional cleaning costs and any wilful or reckless damage to the vessel.




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