What do you remember about that day? You remember the look in their eyes when they asked you about forever. You remember holding your breath when they opened that small, little box. You remember the way it sparkled. You remember how your hand felt lighter with it on. You couldn’t stop laughing — you remember that, too. You remember thinking, our life together; it’s starting, right now! You’ll have all these memories for a lifetime, and you’ll never want to forget them, not that you could. Everything happened just right. Don’t you want your vows to be just as memorable, too?

You get to plan your next big moment together, and you want everything to feel as perfect as saying “Yes!” did. But this time, there’s more than just the two of you to consider. You’ll have the people who mean the most in your life all nearby you to support you — your parents, siblings, oldest friends and strongest supporters. You’ll want them to remember this day just as fondly as you do. You want everything taken care of, to look stunning, to reflect your values and your spirit and also your special journey together.

Sunlight is on the water, and you hear the gentle lap of waves as the luxury cruise vessel, The Island Princess, sets off along the Brisbane River. You feel like you’re leaving the world behind you because, for the moment, you are, as the fresh air relaxes you and your loved ones as only sea air can. After seeing everything — and we do mean everything — you knew Brisbane Party Cruises would be perfect to host your special day. The city’s skyline watches and the horizon seems limitless. Soon, your officiant will ask if you’re ready, and with Brisbane Party Cruises behind you, you will be. What makes a memory is being in the moment.

We handle everything, so you can focus on your special moment

Your wedding is one of the most specials days of your life, one that you’ve been looking forward to, likely, for years. This is no ordinary celebration. Brisbane Party Cruises wants to take all the worry out of this truly life-changing moment — at least all the worry we can. We understand celebrations, and the best ones are always the ones that go smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about anything, or worse, handle things yourself.

We take care of the things that matter most exceptionally well. You’ll have top-flight cocktails and premium beer and wines for your guests when you want them and gourmet catered hors-d’oeuvres and meal service that will rival any other wedding venue. Our all-new, state-of-the-art sound system will also ensure your loved ones won’t miss a word of The Big Moment and enjoy every note of the music you’ve chosen to make your day special.

You’ll have your celebration your way, we’ll see to it

We understand — this is your wedding day, and you want it your way. You can have it your way with Brisbane Party Cruises; in fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You see, we never throw cookie-cutter cruises, and we wouldn’t dream of anything less than meeting all your wedding expectations, or doing everything we possibly can to.

If you want our help, we can recommend officiants, photographers, florists and caterers that can satisfy even the most discerning tastes; but if you know exactly what you want and who you want to use, we’ll make them feel right at home and give them all the help they’ll need to make your day exactly as it should be.

This is what we do, and what makes us one of the best wedding venues around. A celebration that’s not right won’t make anyone happy, and nothing less than the very best will do on your wedding day. We do our job well so, on your day, you won’t have to do a thing.

Marriage is an adventure, so start it that way

We don’t think you’ll feel anything less than blessed as The Island Princess disembarks with you, your partner and your entire wedding party on board when the moment comes. Your journey together started long before this moment, but your married life will begin in just a few. This is truly a breathtaking occasion, and the beauty of the skyline, harbour and sea lives up to the adventure you’re bravely embarking on now. A luxury cruise on The Island Princess — a truly unique wedding venue — opens up the whole world to you on this most precious of days, not unlike your marriage itself. We won’t get too sappy or take this analogy too far, but we think it seems rather fitting to embark on this new journey in life this way. Don’t you?

What would a wedding be without a bit of business?

We’ll keep it short and sweet. Brisbane Party Cruises never (ever) hikes up your rate just because it’s a wedding. We know others do, and we think that’s just not right. You’ll pay for what you get (and you’ll get a lot), but you’ll never pay a cent more.

Also, you’ll have the best experience with us if you keep your party small, making us perfect for an intimate wedding party. We can easily take 75 guests on board, but in our experience, you’ll have the best time with either 40 or 50 guests. We wish it were otherwise, and you could invite everyone, but we want your wedding day to turn out right.

Last thing — we’re always busy throwing all kinds of parties, weddings and otherwise, so if this sounds like what you want, call or book early, so you get the date you want!

Brisbane Party Cruises, for all your once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Brisbane Party Cruises has proudly served Western Australia for over ten years and has just recently completed a 1 million dollar renovation of our flagship vessel, The Island Princess. The ship — Brisbane’s first, only and dedicated, premium-entertainment vessel sailing the Brisbane River — is the first choice of any seeking a private and luxurious experience that will satisfy even exceptional tastes. Combined with Brisbane Party Cruise’s personalized attention and expertise, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere near a comparable outdoor wedding venue in Brisbane, on or off the water.

If you are considering having your wedding at a location you and your guests will talk about fondly for years to come, call us on 1-800-466-622 immediately or book your cruise online to secure your date. Bookings are limited. You could hardly put your wedding in kinder or more experienced hands than Brisbane Party Cruises’, your wedding planning specialists!




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Why Brisbane Party Cruises?

We are the Party Specialists

Our Team has carefully designed our vessel from the waterline up, and now Island Princess is ready to make waves in the Brisbane market as Brisbane’s only purpose designed premium party and function boat!

We are the only vessel in Brisbane to feature a state of the art CrowdDJ system, powered by a partnership between industry giants Spotify and Nightlife Music.

Our Bar Menu caters to all tastes and budgets – and we are proud to be the only party vessel on the Brisbane River with a full time cocktail mixologist serving cocktails from the river’s only party boat Cocktail Menu.

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